Want to call City Bible Church your home church?

Here at City Bible Church, we call our members "Ministry Partners" as we want you to partner with us not only though membership, but also get involved and serve here within the church. Our focus is to get you involved and help lead the next person to Jesus.

How do I become a Ministry Partner?

To get started in becoming a ministry partner, we offer a class called City Bible 101. This class is generally a 2 day class broken up over a 2 week span. During this class, you'll learn more about the history of City Bible Church, how to get involved in serving, and learn the values and vision of our church.

How do I get involved in Serving?

Once you've completed City Bible 101, we would love for you to get involved within the church.

When is the next City Bible 101 class?

City Bible 101 classes are generally scheduled every 2-3 months. If you are interested in signing up, please contact Pastor Luke with the form below or keep an eye out for signups when upcoming classes are scheduled.

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