Update About Our Church

Learn about our church name change

Dear Church Family,

About three years ago, our staff began having conversations about the possibility of changing the church name. It wasn’t until a year ago that the conversation began again, and we immediately started talking and praying with our elders and church staff when this announcement would be made. 

Today is the day, and we want everyone to know we are renaming the church from ‘City Soul Ministries’ to our new name ‘City Bible Church.’ 

We’ve found the name City Bible Church helps us to better navigate our mission and vision. We believe this name change is important to help communicate that we are a church and are focused on Biblical expository preaching. We are about teaching the Bible, and we see that renaming our church helps us to reflect our vision in a more effective way.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll start seeing some changing to our signage, our logo, our website and social media accounts. 

Moving forward, we will no longer call ourselves City Soul Ministries, but will become City Bible Church. It will take us a while to get used to calling ourselves City Bible Church, but we are excited for this next step for our church. 

City Bible Church

We are now called City Bible Church

We wanted a new logo and name that better represents our church. We are a church based on a solid foundation of Biblical teaching.

There are a few details for you to know.....

  1. Our website domain is changing January 22, 2023. You can find our new website at www.thecitybible.church. If you accidentally use our old domain, you will be redirected to our new website as we transition everything over.
  2. We have new car windows decals at our welcome desk. We ask that you replace your old City Soul Ministries heart decal with our new decal.
  3. If you have any questions about the church name change, please feel free to email us.



If you have any questions about the renaming of the church, please contact us.