Child Dedication

At City Bible Church, we believe that children are a precious gift from God. Child Dedication is a special ceremony where parents make a commitment to raise their child in a loving, Christ-centered environment, with the support and guidance of our church community.


What is Child Dedication?

Child Dedication is not about baptizing infants or securing their salvation. Instead, it’s a public declaration of a parent’s commitment to raise their child according to biblical principles and to seek God’s guidance in their parenting journey. It’s a beautiful opportunity for parents to express their desire for their child to grow up knowing and loving God.

Why Dedicate Your Child?

Dedicating your child is an important step in acknowledging God’s sovereignty over their life and recognizing your responsibility as parents to nurture their spiritual development. It’s also a chance to invite the church family to come alongside you in support and prayer as you navigate the joys and challenges of parenthood.

How Does It Work?

Our Child Dedication ceremony typically takes place during our Sunday service. Parents stand before the congregation with their child and make a commitment to raise them in a way that honors God. Pastor Luke will lead a special prayer of blessing over the child and family, and the congregation will join in offering prayers of support and encouragement.

I want to dedicate my child

If you're interested in dedicating your child at City Bible Church, we would be honored to walk alongside you in this meaningful journey. Please contact our church office to learn more about upcoming dedication dates and to sign up for our orientation session.